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Cindy Harfst
Born in Massachusetts
53 years
Family Tree
You are gone, but will never be forgotten!

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Cindy Harfst who was born on December 31, 1961 and passed away on May 18, 2015 at the age of 53.

She will be remembered as being a very loving and caring person with a great sense of humor.  She was also extremely compassionate to those close to her as well as her friends on social media.

These special memories of you will always bring a smile.  If only I could have you back for just a little while.  Then we could talk again just like we used to do.  You always mean so much and always will do too.  The fact that you're no longer here will always cause me pain, but you're forever in my heart until we meet again.

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